Plant propagation and production of starter plants is traditionally separated within horticultural supply chains, as it requires speciality knowledge and tailored facilities.

Cellfor Genetics is providing pre-vegetated starter plants from tissue culture for large-scale outdoor operations and indoor cultivators.


Starting with the beginning of the 2021 growing season, Cellfor will provide up to 3 million identical starter plants at the onset of the outdoor growing season. By doing this, Cellfor eliminates the entry obstacle of starter plant availability and enables farmers and cultivators with suitable land and experience to enter the outdoor cultivation market.


Cellfor provides 50,000–60,000, 8 inch tall pre-vegetated starter plants per month. This allows cultivators to eliminate all requirements for in-house propagation, plant vegetation and to focus solely on the ­flowering and harvesting cycle. In the case of a micro-cultivator licensee, who has limited plant canopy space; this results in approximately 30% increase in overall yields and significantly reduced risk of crop failure.

Tissue Culture

Benefits of Tissue Culture Mass-Duplication

From our state-of-the-art tissue culture laboratory – which is led by a world-renowned PHD in silviculture – our team uses refined plant tissue culture methods to create quality clones of specially selected outdoor cultivars for your facility.

· Genetic integrity
· Guaranteed virus-free plant material
· Consistency for growers from season to season
· Reduced growing time for cultivators, resulting in improved speed-to-market

Strains & Genetics

What makes them unique?

Cellfor offers growers a robust selection of strains, some which cannot be presently sourced in Canada.

Our portfolio consists of over twenty strains, including high THC or CBD offerings, and hybrid properties.

  • Phenotyped prodigy from stable selected commercial strains
  • Integrity tested and guaranteed through blockchain Cannabis DNA sequencing

Please, email us to inquire about availability.